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From Patrice to Lumumba (World Premiere)

Updated: May 2, 2021

The Festival International de Film PanAfricain in Cannes is in my opinion the best spot to showcase African films in Europe. Since 2004, FIFP’s mission has always been to be a “platform for promoting African cinema, culture and Art”. All this to say that I’m extremely proud and excited to announce that “De Patrice à Lumumba” will have its world premiere at FIFP 2019 in Cannes. I’m very honoured to be included in the programming of this wonderful festival and to begin another journey on the festival circuit.

This documentary focuses on the Lumumba’s last letter to his wife Pauline. The Documentary is about understanding the passion that animated his convictions. But above all, it is about seeing the man behind the political emblem, facing a destiny that gradually escapes him.

I really hope that with this documentary I’ve given Patrice his rightful place in the history books, just like he asked in his final letter. I hope that the future generation can watch this and see a man who in the end did not compromise the unity of his country, even if he meant losing his life. I hope that with this documentary the future generation will see Patrice, just as a man, not as the devil, communist, unprincipled, immature leader that Brussels, Paris and Washington claimed he was.

Thank you to everyone who supported in the making of this film, those that I bothered with feedback and fact checking, those who volunteered their time to be interviewed on camera and those who support from far, your encouragement really matters.


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