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Congo History Series — 30 June 1960 (EP 1)

First in the Congo History Series — JUNE 30th 1960.

On June 30 1960, Congo’s independence day, Lumumba makes an impromptu speech following those of King Baudoin and president Kasavubu. the second one expressed gratefulness for these accomplishments. Both speeches entirely disregarded the Congolese struggle for independence.

However, Belgian political circles blamed the chaos that followed throughout the country on Lumumba’s speech.

While their opinion didn’t reflect reality, it is a sentiment that is still prevalent in many Congolese minds today.

The speech had in fact been warmly received by the audience and acclaimed throughout the country.

The people, who were able to hear the speeches from speakers set up around major

Congolese cities, finally felt acknowledged and freed from a century of colonial domination.

It is this feeling that Anatole Malu, Then a young student in Jadotville, Katanga, describes in this account.

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